The Premier League in small multiples

This was originally posted on 11th September 2014, with regular updates to add features and data.

The small multiples collection below shows the points, goals for and goals against tallies for the 20 teams of the 2014-15 English Premier League season. By default the charts are ordered according to league position (left to right and top to bottom). However, this can be changed by using the “Sort order” drop-down menu and/or by dragging and dropping the individual charts as desired. Which data is shown can also be changed using the “Show” drop-down menu. You can also limit the time period for which data is shown using the date menus in the title. The filtering is inclusive of the end points. (So if, for some reason, you wanted only to see data from one specific match day you would pick the same day for both calendars.)

On some touch-screen devices it can be difficult to scroll down the screen through the charts because of the drag and drop functionality. To address this issue, the button below will toggle on and off extra vertical space between the chart rows.

Accumulated Points, Goals For and Goals Against by Game for each English Premier League Team

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The charts were created using the d3.js JavaScript library while the drag and drop feature and the calendars are implemented using the JQuery UI library. Most of the data was garnered from the BBC Sport website.

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