Life Expectancies Across the World

This demonstration was designed for conventional desktop computers. However, most of the features will still work on touch-screen devices. The design was also optimised to work on screens at least 960 pixels wide but will adapt to smaller widths if necessary.

The interactive scatter plot below shows World Health Organisation data (retrieved January 2013) concerning life expectancies in 193 nations throughout the world. The form elements on the right-hand side allow you to interact with the data by changing the year and filtering which regions of the world are shown. Hover over data points to see the name(s) of the corresponding country/countries or click on a country in the list below the form elements to see data for that country for all three years in the data set (1990, 2000 and 2009).

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Life expectancies equal Life Expectancy at Birth, 2009 20 40 60 80 Life Expectancy of Females (Years) 20 40 60 80 Life Expectancy of Males (Years) Source: World Health Organisation
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Assignments of countries to specific continents and regions is largely based on the designations contained in spreadsheets on World Population Prospects published by the United Nations.

Static versions of the scatter plot were designed using R, in particular the Grid Graphics system and the gridSVG package. Interactivity was added largely through the use of two JavaScript libraries, jQuery and d3.

Disclaimer: The use of World Health Organisation data does not constitute any kind of endorsement from the World Health Organisation.