The Premier League in small multiples: 2015–16 edition

For the 2014–15 English Premier League football season I created an interactive data visualisation to show how teams collected points and scored and conceded goals as the season progressed. I’ve decided to repeat this again for the new season but with a few (mostly simplifying) changes.

The biggest change is probably the addition of the previous season’s data. To accommodate this I’ve also dropped a couple of the views — the one showing points, goals for and goals against and the one showing goals for and against.

The calendars have also gone. In their place is a slider that allows you to pick how many games are shown. It defaults to however many games have been recorded to date but, for comparison with last season, you can show from 1 to 38 games. This is more of a zoom function than a filter function; it doesn’t affect the sorting order, for example.

Finally, I’ve removed the drag-and-drop custom sort option because it’s not very mobile friendly.

Hopefully what remains is self-explanatory. Feel free to let me know if it isn’t or if you find any bugs, data that is clearly wrong or have any suggestions for improvement.

Accumulated Points (2015–16, 2014–15) by Game

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Update (09/11/15): Added new sort options. You can now sort by comparison with last season. For example “Sort order: points won difference (desc)” sorts according to the number of points gained by a team to date in the 2015/16 minus the number of points gained by the same team after the same number of games last season. (Promoted teams get a value of 0 for all of these options and so appear near the middle.)

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